Hello and welcome to Doris is Nuts!! Home of the most delicious garlic roasted pecans you have ever had. Let me help you shop this year. I am always flippin' nuts!! Order here, and pick them up at my house, or I can ship them anywhere within the state of Colorado. Now also available at Curate Mercantile on County Line and University.

Doris is Nuts

Hand Turned, small batch garlic roasted pecans. Let me share my Aunt Doris' famous family recipe.

These pecans are so addictive, so delicious, everyone will love them. Order them here, and shop local this year!!

Also available at Curate Mercantile.

Three sizes available

Perfect Gift

"They make the perfect gift for neighbors and friends. My daughter gets upset when I give them away! Can't wait to order more" Andrea, Castle Rock

These pecans give your recipes a boost!

Are you ready for some football??

Share some with friends during the game

I am flipping' nuts!  There is no question!!  In so many ways! Would love to flip some nuts for you!

It's me, Doris. I am flipping' nuts.

I hand turn these pecans so they are roasted to perfection. Let me make a batch for you!

These pecans are sooo good! Healthy, great for vegans, but you must add ADDICTIVE, only fair for the unsuspecting!


Let me help you with your holiday gift list!!